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Revanesse® is a line of cross-linked hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a sugar naturally produced by your body.
As a water-binding molecule, it has the ability to hold 1000 x its weight in water.
A large amount of the naturally occurring HA is found within the body and present within the skin.

As we age, the amount of HA within the skin decreases causing the skin to lose volume and develop fine lines and wrinkles.
By injecting HA dermal fillers into the skin, you can restore volume loss for a more youthful appearance.
The Revanesse® line of dermal fillers is made from the highest quality HA, and then modified to last 6-12 months once injected.

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Reducing the appearance of wrinkles, creases and
lines can restore a more youthful look while drawing
attention to your more expressive characteristics.

INDICATION AREAS: All facial areas, especially
between brows, crow’s feet, and marionette lines

PRODUCTS: Pure™ | Revanesse® | Ultra™

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